Inside-out peacebuilding puts local women in the lead

The rural women of Sierra Leone suffered the most during the war. And now they are showing the world that they are so much more than victims ⎯ they are mighty peacebuilders, and mighty leaders. And they are healing their communities, and themselves, in their role as Fambul Tok Peace Mothers.

When the local people and communities most impacted by war are given the chance to lead in building the peace after the war, powerful transformation happens. And when women’s leadership is built into these efforts at every level, women not only find healing from their unique wartime sufferings, but they provide a powerful new kind of leadership for the whole. Fambul Tok’s Peace Mothers are leading in reconciliation and in new growth and development ⎯ for their communities, and their country. And now, their example is inspiring others, around the world.

Our inside-out peacebuilding in Sierra Leone has yielded a powerful space for women’s leadership, uniquely supported within a whole-of-community framework. In this inside-out approach, the seeds of leadership are recognized and nurtured, and new leaders are invited forward. Local leaders and communities are supported over the long term, and connected in with regional and national infrastructure that enhances learning, impact, and sustainability.

Learn more about how our commitment to inviting leadership has catalyzed thousands of women to discover their power as Peace Mothers to make change in their communities. 

Inviting Leadership from Catalyst For Peace on Vimeo.

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