Faith and Peacebuilding: Faith Into Action

We have been interested in mobilizing religious resources for peace since our founding, and specifically in the process of truing to the highest and best of our faith commitments and translating them into practices and programs that help build peace in the world. We commit to that work individually and organizationally, and invite those we work with to do the same. We believe this process of ‘truing’ and ‘translating’ brings transformative potential to peacebuilding, whether or not it takes place in a religious or interreligious context.

Our long term peacebuilding and training project with the United Religions Initiative (URI) and John Paul Lederach and Herm Weaver exemplified the heart of our approach to mobilizing religious and inter-religious communities for peace.  Bringing John Paul’s work in the moral imagination together with URI’s global network of localized centers of interfaith peacebuilders, in a long term cycle of action, reflection, and grounded learning, yielded powerful peacebuilding and powerful lessons for the way we work to build peace.

While our involvement in this specific project is completed, the values, practices and processes and spirit of this pilot project still inform, infuse and impel our work.

This short film captures the spirit and the substance of the work of translating faith into action, in service to the work of building peace, as we strive to do it at Catalyst for Peace.

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