Focusing Ebola aid LOCALLY and LONG TERM builds ‘social immunity’, says CFP president

In her article in the Building Peace Forum, CFP President Libby Hoffman shows how fostering community agency in peacebuilding as well as in national health crisis response (like the current Ebola crisis in West Africa) builds ‘social immunity’, leaving communities stronger for handling the next crisis:

Empowered, trusted local voices and leadership magnify the success of prevention efforts, and they do so while strengthening community capacity for the post-Ebola recovery. By focusing national and international attention and resources on giving agency to communities, we can more effectively stop the spread of the virus and help create a social infrastructure that supports sustainable recovery after the crisis. This becomes, in essence, social immunity, leaving communities (and therefore the country) stronger to face the next crisis, whatever it may be…

You can read the rest over at Building Peace.


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