An Overview of Constellating Peace

In April 2019, Catalyst for Peace brought 75 delegates from around the world to Sierra Leone for a week of dialogue, exchange, and embodied learning. Here are some of the highlights:

Constellating Peace from the Inside Out
An overview of the week spent together, highlighting key moments of learning and reflecting on how Catalyst for Peace strived to build a space not just for knowledge-sharing, but for transformation.

Building Peace from the Inside Out (pdf)
Libby Hoffman’s comprehensive overview to the way of working that has emerged from 12 years of partnership between Catalyst for Peace and Fambul Tok.

Starting Off in Sierra Leone with Song
From the first day of our global learning event

Watching Inside Out in Action A key moment from Day Two was Libby Hoffman’s demonstration of one cornerstone of inside-out peacebuilding.

What Is Strong, Not What Is Wrong A critical part of Constellating Peace were the two-day field visits to witness first-hand community action and experience in an embodied way the power of what it means to work from a belief that the answers are there.

One Family Delegate Stephen Wicken wrote a poem in our closing moments, shared here with his permission.

A Transformed Tomorrow Charles Gibbs, senior partner and poet-in-residence at Catalyst for Peace, offered a poem to reflect the gratitude he felt in the wake of our gathering.

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