A Transformed Tomorrow

I am full of gratitude for the week of rich learning we shared in Sierra Leone, living out Constellating Peace from the Inside Out. As part of that thanks, I offer the poem below. For me, our week together was an embodiment of the summons this poem offers.

A Transformed Tomorrow

As all around us torrents
of tears from suffering sisters
and brothers, from infants
to elders, drench the Earth
we are despoiling, and old
forms like parched plants
wither away, or hover
at the edge of surrender,
caterpillars entrusting all
to an intuited chrysalis,
or rage with the destructive
fury of a galaxy of exploding stars –
humanity inhabits a present
suspended between promise and
menace, echoing an urgent cry –

Come, you who would be
the womb to guard and grow
a transformed tomorrow.

The hour is late;
shadows lengthen –

Come, you lost and forgotten!
Come, you lonely and careworn!
Come, you secure-seeming
   in vaults of power!
Come, you who sail
   seas of change!
Come, you who awaken
   with the sun!
Come, you from all faiths
   and you from none!
Come, elders and infants!
Come, wise women and
   humble men!
Come, red, yellow, black,
   brown, white!

Come from the east!
Come from the south!
Come from the west!
Come from the north!

Led by light and love,
you are the kindled spark,
called to conceive,
in co-creative goodness,
the already-emerging future.

Yes, the gestation will
be long and often weary,
but also overflowing with joy;
so, trust what grows
in the nurturing dark.

Yes, the hour is late and
the shadows lengthen;
yes, the labor will be long
and the pain fierce;
but on the far side
of advancing night;
the sun will rise,
new life will emerge –

under a pleasant sky,
verdant fields revived, fluttering
with rainbows of butterflies
sipping nectar from
bursting bright blossoms;
the hoop of the nations
healed, the circle of life
restored to wholeness.

May we awaken and,
in light and love, labor
as one until that
dawn of promise
is delivered.

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