One Family

We twice had a bonfire on the beach we shared together during our week of Constellating Peace From the Inside Out.

Our last participants have left this beautiful beach for their homes, and now the work of carrying these lessons forward begins. There were so many new connections fostered, so much knowledge and experience shared, so many beautiful goodbyes — including this poem from Stephen Wicken, which he wrote in our closing ceremonies and graciously allowed us to share here.
Thank you to everyone who joined their voices to this One Family this week.
One Family
One very fine day 
You all rose from your beds,
You rushed from your offices,
You processed from your towns;
You dragged your bags and cases,
dusty old friends
or squeaky new companions;
you submitted yourselves with patience
to the indignities of airports
and the welcoming hardships of the road. 
You brought with you your dust, your aches, your many scars;
your dreams, your dances,
your perfectly imperfect smiles. 
Your best selves. 
From places where many are scared
of the hammering on the door
in the dead of night
you brought your courage. 
From places 
known to the great blind world 
only for war
you brought your peace. 
we gazed at a perfect ocean
Bellowed ho ho ho from our kidneys
And said a thousand thank-yous.
we saw what unity looks like,
how it welcomes
how it sings
how it dances. 
we went looking in the farthest places
not for what is wrong
but for what is strong. 
we learned to mend the cracks
in the most broken of cups. 
Mine will forever be overflowing
with love 
for you
the family of peace.
-Stephen Wicken
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