Inviting Women’s Leadership in Peacebuilding and Development

We believe the strong, visible, invited, respected leadership of women in peacebuilding and development is essential everywhere in the world. When women share their authentic selves and voices and work together, they take on activities that support the whole community. Women, invited to offer their wisdom and capacity, think and act holistically and when fully participating in structures with men and women, offer ways of working that create inclusive, creative space. However, at present, our world mostly lives in the bounds of systems and cultures that promote men and the masculine above women and the feminine. So, our world is missing out on what women have to offer and ultimately wobbles dangerously out of balance.

To promote women’s leadership in 2017, we will continue to support space in Sierra Leone for women to come into their voices and power to be able to fully participate in inclusive governance structures. We are also broadening our effort by engaging with women peacebuilders in east Africa and by hosting an on-going dialogue space to explore how women can fully participate in peace and development in their communities and countries.

For a window into some of this work in action, watch this news story from the gathering of rural women leaders we held in Sierra Leone in November, 2016:

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