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BCN Report – Communities Weigh in on Ebola Response

As a part of efforts to strengthen community representation in Ebola response, Catalyst for Peace supported the creation of the Bridging Communities Network (BCN), a coalition of leading national NGOs in Sierra Leone and over 30 community based organizations, that formed in October, 2014 to facilitate a community-led response to country’s Ebola crisis.

Concerned by the lack of channels for community voices and perspectives in the national and international Ebola response, the ….Keep reading this post >

Fambul Tok filmmaker interview

In an interview from the world premiere of Fambul Tok at SXSW film festival in Austin, Texas in the spring of 2011, Producer/Executive Producer Libby Hoffman and Director/Producer Sara Terry talk about their motivations in making the film, the approach they took, and their hopes for the impact it can have in the world.

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CFP Senior Fellow John Caulker to NPR: “Ebola Is Real”

Yesterday, CFP Senior Fellow and Fambul Tok Executive Director John Caulker appeared on NPR’s Weekend All Things Considered. He told host Scott Simon what the outbreak looks like on the ground.

Caulker: This is the major communication we are trying to pass on to the authorities, not just to the government of Sierra Leone, to the U.S. government, to the British, to all those who are coming to our ….Keep reading this post >