(Some of) what we learned at Constellating Peace

We’re thrilled to share the Event Report reflecting on so much of what we heard, saw, felt, and learned at Constellating Peace, our global gathering of learner-practitioners working in peacebuilding in ten different countries on four different continents.

We’ve collected the real-time reflections from the Event, as well as other resources from and for our time together, in an earlier blog post. In “Constellating Peace from the Inside Out,” we drew on the generous sharing of knowledge and experience from our 75 delegates and two dozen guests, as well as the beautiful photography of Tom Saater and the warmth and spirit of so many people who worked tirelessly, and often invisibly, to make this journey of learning possible.

We hope you find as much inspiration in our reflections on our week together as we were able to find in conversation and community during our time together.


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