How can we catalyze peace?

Catalyst for Peace is not just a collection of individuals asking that question for ourselves individually. We are interested in answering that question collectively – programmatically and organizationally. How can we BE and CATALYZE a community of peace?

We would say that programs and organizations catalyze communities of peace when they:

  • Allow the courage, grace and the will of ordinary people in the midst of the most difficult circumstances to provide leadership for the whole
  • Recognize, honor and build upon local culture(s) and context(s) while drawing lessons, strength and support from the global community
  • Through emergent design, co-create programming with clearly articulated goals and built-in opportunities for reflection, learning, revision and change
  • Create partnerships between groups with diverse experiences and skills, where partnership can lead to synergy and bring out the best in each party
  • Develop long-term, sustainable programs and systems that will ultimately thrive without outside funding
  • Document stories of hope and healing to share with the larger community
  • Reach out to and support women and foster women’s leadership
  • Respect the unique contribution of spirituality and faith in the process of healing and building healthy communities
  • Model honesty, integrity, humility, boldness, and authenticity, and value the living out of these qualities more than the size or scale of a project.

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