As Our Work Grows, So Too Is Our Team

As our team continues to support the growth of a global community of learning and practice building peace from the inside out, we have also needed to grow our team. Beyond skillful administrative skills, we were looking for someone with experience and background in grassroots organizing, communications, and coalition building. Our new addition comes with that and more. He brings multi-cultural and multi-lingual resilience and spiritually-based formation that enriches our work at many levels. We are happy to introduce and welcome Boris Ozuna to the Catalyst for Peace family and networks.

Boris Ozuna, Administration and Communications Associate

Boris is originally from Sincelejo, Colombia. He grew up witnessing the struggles of an internal armed conflict that wounded the country for decades and learning about civil society’s strategies to survive, reduce violence, and reconcile. While in Colombia, as a young community organizer, Boris actively participated in the promotion and implementation of the right to conscientious objection and led efforts in the Caribbean Coast to prevent child and youth recruitment to military activity. He also supported local interfaith coalitions to increase economic development initiatives in the region of Montes de Maria. Once in the U.S., Boris achieved a B.A. in Peacebuilding & Development and an M.A. in Restorative Justice from Eastern Mennonite University. Boris brings to Catalyst for Peace his experience in community coalitions, event planning, and advancing issue-centered campaigns. 

We are confident that Boris will contribute significantly to Catalyst for Peace’s whole-souled and whole-system approach to building peace, and we look forward to the new adventures his presence and support will help enable!

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