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Staff Bios

Elisabeth Hoffman, Founder and President

Sara TerryLibby Hoffman is the founder and President of Catalyst for Peace, a Portland, Maine-based private foundation that mobilizes locally-owned and led peacebuilding and reconciliation in conflict and post-conflict settings, and pioneers in storytelling to share the lessons of this work with the world. She co-founded Fambul Tok (Family Talk), which brings victims and perpetrators from the civil war in Sierra Leone together for the first time in village-level, tradition-based ceremonies of truth-telling and forgiveness, reknitting the torn fabric of the community in the process. She produced the award-winning documentary film about this work, Fambul Tok, and is the lead author of the book of the same name, published by Umbrage Editions – both
released in 2011.

Libby has been active in peacebuilding for 25 years in a variety of capacities – professor, trainer, facilitator, program director, consultant, and funder. A former Political Science professor at Principia College, she left academia to focus on the practice of conflict resolution and peacebuilding. She has developed and led conflict resolution training programs in corporate, congregational, educational and
community settings. She was a founder and Executive Director of Peace Discovery Initiatives, which pioneered in positive approaches to peacebuilding, as well as in mobilizing religious resources for peace. She has designed, convened and facilitated backchannel Middle East peacemaking initiatives and worked to bring grassroots Israeli and Palestinian peacemakers together with American policymakers, work
which culminated in the establishment of the Center for World Religions, Diplomacy and Conflict Resolution at George Mason University. She founded Catalyst for Peace in 2003, and prior to dedicating its focus to Fambul Tok, she worked in partnership with the United Religions Initiative training interfaith peacebuilders in northern Uganda, Ethiopia, the Philippines, and India.

Libby holds an M.A.L.D. from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University, and a BA in Political Science from Williams College. She is married to Seth Johnson, and they have a daughter and two grown sons.


Fambul Tok, Producer and Executive Producer (won Best Documentary, Fort Myers Film Festival; Best of Fest, Global Social Change Film Festival; Human Spirit Award, and Honorable Mention Best Doc at Nashville Film Festival; Best Documentary, Audience Choice Award, Rhode Island Film Festival; Crystal Heart Award, Heartland Film Festival; Best Feature, Show Me Justice Film Festival; Signis Award, Zanzibar Film Festival; Best Documentary, Queens World Film Festival; Best Documentary, Reynolda Film Festival; Jury Grand Prize, Non Violence International Film Festival)

2011 Peacebuilder of the Year, Common Folk Awards

Fambul Tok, the book, published April, 2011 by Umbrage Editions: Lead author

TEDxDirigo featured speaker, Fall, 2011: “Forgiving the Unforgiveable.”

Middle Schoolers “Walk the Tok,” Director and Producer: short film about 6th graders applying the lessons of Fambul Tok to transformational effect.

Reconciliation in Sierra Leone: Local Processes Yield Global Lessons in The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs, Summer 2008

We Unite, Producer: 2008 short film produced about the grassroots interfaith organization, the United Religions Initiative

Faith Into Action, Producer: 2008 short film about the grassroots interfaith peacebuilding work of the United Religions Initiative.

Tammy Mazza, Director of Finance and Administration

Prior to joining Catalyst for Peace as Director of Finance, Ms. Mazza has worked in the accounting field for 11 years, in a variety of capacities.

She was the Finance Manager at Habitat for Humanity of Greater Portland Maine and has provided accounting services for Oak Foundation, USA. She served as the Director of Finance for Fambul Tok International for 2 years, prior to helping transition its operation base fully to its current base in Sierra Leone.

Ms. Mazza has also worked in multiple settings for various small business clients. Using her accounting knowledge and her QuickBooks ProAdvisor® certification, she assisted clients in setting up accounting, payroll and tax systems, training employees, resolving both technical and accounting issues as needed and providing oversight for monthly, quarterly or annual reporting needs. She also taught QuickBooks software at University of Southern Maine.

Chloe Beaven, Program Associate
As a Program Associate for Catalyst for Peace, Chloe primarily facilitates the Youth Programing. She helped create and now coordinates the Wan Fambul US school clubs program based on the lessons of Fambul Tok. Chloe additionally supports the connection between the Wan Fambul program in the US and the Fambul Tok Peace Clubs program in Sierra Leone. Chloe believes students have the power to be leaders for peace in their communities, and is pleased to be focusing her efforts on promoting youth involvement.

Previously studying Cultural Anthropology at the University of British Columbia, Chloe is now a New Media student at the Maine College of Art. For Chloe, art making is about igniting social change. Through her work for Catalyst for Peace, Chloe has recognized the intrinsic connection between art and peacebuilding; both are founded on the power of storytelling and the necessity of promoting accessible dialog.


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